Friday, 5 December 2014

Friday Link Love...

I hope you've all had a fabulous week - mine's been busy busy busy! The end of term always seems to be hectic! However, in amongst the busy-ness I have managed to find you some weekend links - enjoy!

Some interesting notes on grammar...

I think the fashion world has stepped into a timewarp - I've seen some of these trends coming back!

I LOVE Gilmore Girls, don't you? Here's the story of the "thousand yellow daisies"...

This knitting snow sculpture is so cool!

British countryside is pretty...

Who doesn't love Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett? Love their performances here and here.

Some New Year's Resolutions inspiration.

The weather is getting colder - time to break out the hot chocolate! This recipe looks good :-)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend - I'm going to be alternating essay reading with Christmas knitting... although I'm sure Christmas knitting may be my main choice! :-P


  1. Great links! Is it completely geeky that I spent 20 minutes at the grammar link? :)
    Gilmore girls is a great show, especially when I am in the mood for an easy and entertaining show.

    1. Thanks! Nope, not at all geeky, I did the same thing!
      Gilmore Girls is one of mine and my mom's favourite shows - it never fails to make me smile!

  2. My favorite is the British countryside! Those photos are so beautiful!!!
    Have a great week! :o)


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