Monday, 27 October 2014

Preemie Project...

So this has been my view this afternoon...


 Sewing them onto a button band...

... and a finished preemie jumper! 

This was knit from a pattern provided by our knitting group, which I only realised later was loosely based on this one. If I was to do this again, I think I would follow the original pattern (the variation where the button band is knit at the same time as the fronts...). As the edges of the fronts were uneven due to increases and decreases right on the edge, it made it very difficult to pick up the button band stitches neatly. I'm thinking I would get a nicer result if the button band was knit as part of the fronts... and if all the edging was either ribbing or garter stitch... I'm not a fan of it being mixed...

Ah well! All a learning experience, right?? Not to mention it gives me an excuse to make another one - it was so fun!

Besides, I think it's quite darling anyway :-)


  1. what a sweet sweater! the buttons, they look different in the top photo than on the sweater- is the star etching the back of them?

    1. I think the flower/star etching is the front, but since it's blue and so maybe more for a boy, I thought the flower design might be a bit girly, so turned the buttons over and used the back of the button instead :)

  2. Oh! It looks so lovely!!!


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