Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Not another granny blanket!

I could never get sick of crocheting granny squares... seeing the piles of them grow, knowing they are going to be turned into a lovely snuggly blanket makes me very happy!
For this blanket, I'm trying to make every square different, which means when I'm working on it, my floor gets covered with crocheted squares while I try not to duplicate any!! :-P

One thing I am unsure about is the setting... I quite like them when they are all next to each other, like this...

But to me a whole blanket in that setting could look too busy, considering how small they are. So I have thought about checkerboarding them with white squares, like this...

I think it could make the blanket quite light and fresh looking... but I can't decide!!

What do you think would work best?


  1. Boy, that's a hard decision! Your little blocks are so beautiful and I love the pretty colors. I guess I'm so used to seeing them all put together in blogland that I don't think they look too busy -- I love that look!

  2. I like the first one too! :o)))

  3. Love both! Maybe it will be easier to decide if it's too busy or not once you have more crocheted squares?

  4. Excuse me!!? "I could never get sick of crocheting granny squares" This from the girl who said she wouldn't ever crochet!! :o) Love it! I also love that you took my cast off project and are making it wonderful! I like the first setting...but then that had been my original plan.


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