Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Top Secret WIPs...

If you've wondering why I was so quiet last week, it's because I've been working on some top secret knitting and crocheting for the upcoming school year...

Hmm, I wonder what these squares will become?

I have also been honing my crochet skills to make 28 of these little motifs...
Some granny squares...

And some African flowers... (Pattern HERE)

Can you guess what they are for??


  1. Blanket?
    I love these colours!!!

  2. I love those african flowers! I bookmarked those a few years ago and then completely forgot about it! Are you making a blanket with them?

    1. They are quite fun to make! Like a granny square, but a bit more interesting :-)
      Nope, not a blanket! They are going to be left separate :-)

  3. ..tea coasters? ( I don't know if it's the right word for it... it's something you put under your tea cup..)


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