Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Big Reveal...

Hi everyone!
So whilst I've been sniffling away here (hello cold and flu season!) you've all been making some rather wonderful guesses as to what these crochet motifs were for...

There have been many guesses that it is for a blanket, and although that is a great idea (I'd totally love to make an African Flower blanket!)... that's not what they are for...
I've had a guess that they are tea coasters... again, a great idea - they would be so pretty! - but not what they are for...
So do you want to know? 


These are going to be put around campus - a mini-yarnbomb if you will, as a way to advertise our knitting group to the new students. Fingers crossed they'll entice some people to come and have some fun with some yarn!
I'm hoping to have them up in the next few days, so maybe I'll take some pictures to show you :-)

Freshers' Week is nearly upon us, so if I'm quiet, it's simply because I'm trying to recruit lots of new knitters! :-P


  1. They look fab! I really like the labels ;o) Hope you are feeling better. ((hugs))

  2. " a mini-yarnbomb" :o))) Great idea!!
    Get well soon!!!

  3. Love the idea of "a mini-yarnbomb"! Hope a lot of new knitters will join your group!


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