Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday Funny...

As you know, I recently went away on a trip to the Cotswolds. There were many funny moments during the holiday, but I thought I might share one that particularly made me giggle, thanks to this beauty:

We were walking along, when all of a sudden I see her:

Me: Oh my goodness, no way!!
Boyfriend: What?
Me: It's her! It's the neighbelline horse!!
Boyfriend: The what?
Me: The Neighbelline horse! You know, like the commercial! ((Starts singing)) Maybe it's neighbelline!
Boyfriend just looks confused.
Me: Seriously? You haven't seen the meme? You're missing so much by not being on Pinterest.

I proceeded to take several pictures anyway - how could I not when it was Pinterest royalty?

The original meme can be seen HERE.


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