Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday Link Love...

Happy Friday!
Here are some more links to love! Without realising it, I do seem to be having a theme each week - this week it seems that I have been gravitating towards blog posts about interior design, and pinning lots of pretty room pictures on Pinterest! So here we go - a series of links about house stuff that I like...

Love this country cottage... oh and this one too.
This entryway is beautiful.
I love love love rooms with big windows - this living room and this studio are lovely.
Can I just say that the cozier the furnishings the better - like this and this.
I also seem to be gravitating towards circular windows - these are pretty, and the view from this would be great!

What would your dream house be like?


  1. I like your taste in houses...and windows!! :o)

  2. The second country cottage looks so lovely!!! I wish I had a house like that!
    And the windows look great! Specially the circulars! I love them!
    Have a nice weekend!!!

  3. All these beautiful images... Thanks for sharing! I'm following you on pinterest now :)
    Have a nice week end!


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