Friday, 28 August 2015

Friday Link Love: August 2015

Wow! Where did August go? Seems just yesterday that it was the beginning of summer, and now autumn is fast approaching. I'm not complaining, of course - we are heading into my favourite time of year, when it's the perfect weather to cozy up with warm quilts, hot chocolate, a good book, and lots of knitting!
You know what's also fun on a rainy afternoon? Friday links!

Is red candy really everyone's favourite?

Hear hear, Neil Gaiman! Reading is the key to the future...

Speaking of books, does anyone remember Wishbone? Such a great show!

Thanks to a very talented artist, we can now see Disney Princes as they'd look in real life!

But Disney may have it all wrong, according to this open letter... an interesting perspective!

12 things for those who sew.

Knitting celebrities - some are quite surprising!

Words of Wisdom from Tiny Buddha :-)

Hope you've had a lovely August! I wonder what September will bring?


  1. Thank you for the fun links!

  2. ooh, those disney princes- swoon! And I would burst with pride if my son is that aware of racial and gender stereotypes at such a young age, I applaud that letter, and hope Disney does something about it.

  3. I like the link about sewing..:o)))
    And I've never heard of Wishbone but it seems such a funny show! I'll watch it! Thanks for the links!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing those fun links! The fabric stash tags could apply to yarn stash as well!


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