Saturday, 8 August 2015

A Day at the Beach!

A couple of weeks ago, my whole family (aunts and uncles and all) descended upon St.Anne's, Blackpool, for my grandad's birthday celebration. Not having really spent that much time up in that part of England, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

Cue mysterious and moody beach photo...

Well, I shouldn't have been that surprised because the Great British Seaside is pretty much the same everywhere you go - eating chips on the seafront, huddling up in jumpers because it's a little on the cool side and of course, despite this chilly weather, eating ice cream!

What was different about this visit though, was a fantastic display of kites! We just happened to be just in time for the St.Anne's Kite Festival, and we were in for a treat, there were so many wonderful things to see.
From these mammoth balloon kites... strange but fantastic creatures... fish... these adorable little cows (not pictured - crabs, pigs and frogs, oh my!).


There was even Wallace hanging onto an airplane!

It was amazing to see - with all the lines being almost invisible, from a distance it was just a sky full of fantastical floating shapes. Lots of memories made!


  1. These kites are fantastic! I love those little cows! They are so cute!
    Have a nice weekend!!!

  2. As if spending time with family at the beach wasn't already fantastic, then to have those amazing kites...brilliant!

  3. oh wow, that is so cool, I've never seen such amazing kites! Looks like the icing o the cake for a beautiful day at the beach.


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