Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy New Year!

Did you have a good holiday season? Mine was busy, full of visits with family and lots of yummy food!
In amongst all the hustle and bustle I have managed to get quite a lot of knitting done! Although I have been a bit silly and forgotten to take some photos - I can let you know that the dragon was very much appreciated by my sister though!
One thing I did managed to snap a few pictures of was the plethora of Christmas decorations I seemed to knit over the course of the holidays.

There were first Christmas hearts...

Sticking with the heart theme, there was also this colourwork heart bauble (Inspired by these ones...)

And of course I couldn't just make one... (there was another one as well, but this was gifted before I had a chance to take a picture...)

Once I started the colourwork, I couldn't stop! These stockings by Little Cotton Rabbits were fun to make - one was knit flat, and then I challenged myself to knit the other in the round. The one knit in the round was a bit more difficult, but I love the result, and I will admit to doing a happy dance when it turned out right!

I'm hoping these will make me smile year upon year as they get put on the tree. :-)


  1. really love your ornaments! our tree is decorated with mostly red and white ornaments, so this is right up my alley! except that I don't knit... :) thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. You made beautiful things! I love those little hearts!!!
    Happy New Year! :o)

  3. These ornaments are beautiful!
    Happy New Year to you too Bekah!

  4. I love those little stockings! I'll have to search for that pattern..Happy 2015!

  5. these ornaments are all so amazing, I adore them! I'm totally planning on knitting those little stockings, possibly as an advent calendar type situation. Which means i should pretty much get started now if I want to be done by December....

  6. Love love love these! They are all so cute, but I think I like the Fair Isle hearts the best! I always mean to knit more ornaments every year.


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