Wednesday, 30 July 2014

No more monkeying around!

Once upon a time there was a girl who said she would never ever knit socks. Her mother kept asking for a pair, to which the girl would reply with a flat out no. She did not see the point of knitting on toothpicks, risking her sanity, all for something that would end up on her feet.
Then one day, while surfing the internet for a pattern for her next project, she found a sock pattern that didn't seem too scary after all. She purchased the relevant yarn, and got to work. (You can see the socks HERE... scroll to the bottom of the post...) They had a short row heel, and so were managable. But she still would not risk knitting the dreaded kind with a heel flap. No way. They were for those knitters only read about in yarny blogs in faraway lands...
Well. That was until the girl's knitting fairy godmother gifted her this book...

It had all the answers to her questions, all presented in an easy to understand manner. Suddenly she had the courage to try a "traditional" sock. Monkey, by Cookie A. seemed perfect.
Her first attempt was a Christmassy, sparkley achievement (The girl was proud to have even been able to complete a heel flap)...

But still, the socks were missing something. They were just that bit loose, and the heel flap did not fit just so. The girl was determined to get it right... and so started the quest for "THE PERFECT SOCK". The girl knit burgundy ones, rainbow ones, thicker ones... and although they fit well, they were not quite what she was looking for.
Well dear readers, recently that girl nearly achieved it, thanks to the encouragement of the My Sister's Knitter KAL! Tada! I have knit another pair of Monkey Socks!

I am so pleased with these socks - I have gone down a needle size from the suggested one, and I did a slip stitch heel flap to get a better fit. The fit is wonderful, and I can see these becoming a favourite pair :-)

The only thing I would change is to knit them in a more solid colour next time. I think with this yarn the pattern gets slightly lost... but apart from that, I'm very happy!!! Thank you so much to Andi for the motivation :-)

I have a few other projects on the go at the moment too, that have been started recently... I look forward to sharing them with you all soon! :-)


  1. What a fun way to share this! I'm still new to knitting socks and have A LOT to learn. I've heard after knitting yourself perfect-custom-fit socks it's hard to go back to any other ill fitting socks.

  2. I'm glad you kept trying until you made a sock that fit right. I think I must have knit at least 4 Sasquatch socks until I made one that sort of fit me. Once you get the hang of making socks fit, it's hard to remember why you ever didn't like making socks!

  3. Congratulations!!! As your mother I'm thrilled to see my nagging paid off not only because you made one pair of socks, but that your persevered and made the "perfect" pair of socks :o) xxx


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