Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday Link Love

Happy Friday! :-D
Hope you've had a lovely week! Mine has been busy - spending time with loved ones, doing some work, and also this:

Can you guess what I've been doing? Yep! Weaving in ends for the granny square blanket! So. Many. Ends. I thought it would never stop! Luckily I had Wimbledon to keep me company, or I might have gone crazy... :-P
I have finished all the squares, and so it is just putting it all together now. I am hoping to get that done soon, so hopefully will have pictures of the finished blanket by next week! Yay!
I am so tempted to start calling this the "Yeti blanket" as it just seems to feel huge to work on. Everything is oversized, but on a 4mm hook that means there is a lot of work to do!!

Okay, okay, I'll stop going on about the blanket now, and get on to what you're probably really here for! Link Loves! Here are just a few things I've seen around the net recently...
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Thanks for the links! They are great, as usual :o)))!

  2. Thanks for the links ;)
    And congrats on finishing the crochet part of your blanket! Can"t wait to see it finished


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