Wednesday, 14 October 2015

WIP Wednesday: Colour Blocking

Despite the autumnal hues outside my window, I've not been able to shake off the pink and purple yarns in my project basket just yet!

I finished off the last of the preemie cardigans - love the purple almost as much of the pink! (I think I just like the ombre effect!)

This week's project is thanks to Bella Coco... I watched her tutorial and now I'm hooked! (Pun totally intended!)

I've been churning them out whilst watching TV in the evenings - perfect now the season is really in full swing! Nothing better than curling up with hot tea, a warm quilt and the latest WIP!

I feel a case of start-itis brewing though... Christmas will be here soon so there are presents to start, and walking to work in the morning is cold so I'm feeling the need for some fingerless mitts... Hmm... plenty of ideas brewing!

What's on your needles/hook at the moment?


  1. These look FANTASTIC!!! I love the color, too!
    Have a nice weekend! :o)
    (Here it's rainy..)

  2. that little purple cardi is so sweet, just as lovely as it's pink counterpart! And those crochet squares look so awesome! I too have been enjoying the return of fall tv. ;)


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