Saturday, 26 September 2015

Link Love: September 2015

Wow! Is it the end of September already? This month seems to have passed in a blur of busy-ness! However that hasn't stopped me from finding lots of linky goodness for you all! It's a bumper lot this month, so grab a hot drink, settle yourself in your favourite comfy chair, and enjoy!

First up are these cuties! So adorable!

Creative re-imaginings of old photos - so cool!

Did you hear about THAT Taylor Swift sweater? Knitting fuses with pop culture!

Speaking of pop culture - is the RBF really worth all the talk?

Perhaps a cure to the above issues - can we all have awesome lunches like these? Please?

Interesting list of English facts - totally bringing back the "elf-choke" at the next available opportunity!

Handwriting is more than it seems...

Related: I've found a new obsession - snail mail is back!

Alongside snail mail - is knitting a lost art?

More knitting: we should all be picking up our needles this winter!!

You know I love my lists! Inspiration to be found HERE and HERE.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Whew...September did fly by!
    Love all the links. Had not idea about the Taylor Swift sweater, how fun. Thanks to your links I have decided I need someone to make me those fantastic lunches everyday. :)

  2. Thanks for the great links!
    Have a nice week!!!

  3. a great round up! Love those lunches, and the TS sweater is so freaking awesome.


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