Thursday, 23 April 2015

FO: Pinks and Blues...

Look! I have something to show you! Something more exciting than links! Can you guess what it is?

The finished blanket! I'm so pleased with how it turned out - I almost didn't want to give it away!

And it has the bonus use of being a cape! (Thank you to my boyfriend for being such a good model and humouring me taking all these photos!)

Pattern: TinyTinBird's Granny Square method for the granny squares, and Attic24's for the Join-As-You-Go method...
Yarn: Scraps from the Knit-A-Soc stash...
Hook Size: 4mm

Hopefully this will provide someone at the hospice with lots of happiness!


  1. Beautiful! I love how it all came together-and it really is a perfect cape!

  2. Blanket and a cape! Good idea! :o))) It looks great!!!

  3. Le Boyfriend did Le Modelling very well! That's a great picture!!!! :o) Well done!

  4. so gorgeous!! I love the colours you chose, they work great together.

  5. I'm not sure it posted my comment, so here it is again. It's so beautiful!! Very nice work!! Whoever receives it is very lucky :)

  6. Yay! Your blanket looks great! It will be loved by the recipient for sure :)


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