Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Very English Weaving Company...

As if the trip to the spinning mill wasn't exciting enough, our next stop was the Very English Weaving Company...

Seeing behind the scenes here was cool, as it felt like stepping back in time - traditional materials, traditional machines...

Although this newer machine for creating the warp was quite impressive!

The weaving machines themselves were complicated - it obviously takes a very skilled worker. We were told that the people working the machines have to be a machine technician, and a weaver, as well as having other skills necessary for the job.

We could see some works in progress while we were there... Isn't this colourway beautiful??

Or this one? (I thought this red, green and beige combo was quite Christmassy!)

Even the colour cards were beautiful...

It was so nice to see such wonderful work being made in the UK - it is called the Very English Weaving Company for a reason! Unfortunately I didn't buy any fabric (although I was very tempted!), but my professor did, and it's nice to see the company being supported :-)


  1. Great pictures...really impressed with them and the feel of the whole visit...looks interesting!

  2. What a wonderful behind the scenes! Thank you for sharing this amazing visit.


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