Sunday, 16 March 2014

Loving Literature...

So here is what I have been reading recently...

Can you sense a theme...?

I've been enjoying some good yarns (pun totally intended) in 2014, and thought I might share my views on the books.

A Good Yarn  by Debbie Macomber
This was a cute novel which I enjoyed reading very very much - in fact, this book was one that got put in my bag so if I had 5 minutes I could read a few pages! I have read other books in the series, and so was looking forward to seeing what Macomber had in store this time. I found myself wanting to visit the store on Blossom Street, and make friends with the characters! It wasn't by any means the most challenging read, but it was emotive, and there were several moments of laughter, or sadness, or downright anger at some of the characters! I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a lighthearted read about the joys of knitting and the friendships it can inspire.

The Yarn Whisperer  by Clara Parkes
This was an interestingly written book about how knitting can be a metaphor for life. Parkes shares anecdotes from her life, illustrated through knitting techniques and terminology such as casting on, steeking and dropped stitches. This was quite an easy book to just read a chapter here and there, as each chapter is written as a kind of mini-essay, contained in itself. A cleverly written book.

Knitting Yarns,  edited by Ann Hood.
I am a huge fan of Ann Hood - I frequently go back to her other book The Knitting Circle, as it is the first fictional book about knitting I read, and I love the characters. With Knitting Yarns, I knew Hood would not disappoint. This is an excellently put together book of a series of essays on knitting, written by various authors. From poems, to heartwrenching stories about relationships, to reminiscing about family members who passed on the hobby, they all intertwine to form a beautiful book surrounding the power of knitting to bring people together.

** I have not been endorsed by the authors at all... I just thought it would be nice to share my views on some nice books...

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