Monday, 10 February 2014

A Tale of Two Socks...

Ta-Da! My latest project! The second sock of a pair started way back in September!
I seem to always be subject to the dreaded "Second Sock Syndrome"... I knit one sock, get bored or distracted with something else, and then finally get around to knitting the second one months later.

This is actually the second attempt at the second sock - due to my love/hate relationship with self-striping yarns. They are so fun to knit with, as the colours change before my eyes, and I never know how long it will be before the next colour... making a simple, somewhat boring stitch pattern more interesting.
However, when knitting socks this can be a bit of a nightmare... especially if you want the stripes to match! 
And this is the very dilemma I faced. Knit one sock? Lovely! The stripes are pretty and it all turned out fine.
Second sock started, and not much regard was given to the stripes. After knitting the leg (All 7" of it!!!) I realised that the stripes weren't going to match. Normally I wouldn't mind, and I would call it a funky quirk of the socks and be done with it... but the stripes were out by an inch, and maybe not even that... and it was getting to me. I really wanted them to match! So all 7" were ripped out, the beginning of the yarn repeat was found, and I started again.

Luckily, they look like they are going to match... keep your fingers crossed for me that they stay that way, eh?



  1. 7' (feet) ...don't ya mean 7" (inches!) LOL

    I wouldn't be to hard on yourself...sock cuffs are usually hidden under a pair of trousers...

  2. I am sure they will look great!!!
    And your mum is right :o)


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