Saturday, 7 September 2013

Adventures in Yorkshire

If there is one thing about Yorkshire, it is its diverse landscape. The roads are steep and winding, the moors purple with heather, and altogether it makes for very dramatic viewing as you travel throughout the county. While we were there we visited all sorts of terrain - among those were Seaham beach and Dalby Forest.

 Seaham beach was a lovely day out, and one with a story! Apparently there was a glass factory in the area during the Victorian era, and any offcuts or odds were thrown into the sea. Since then, the sea has tossed the glass pieces around enough to make beach glass, tiny pebbles of glass which can easily be found washed up in the area.

As you can see - we found quite a lot!

Another day out was to Dalby Forest, and oh this was simply stunning - there is nothing more fun than getting lost amongst the trees! The light streaming through the trees helped us to find our way along the path...

There was something enchanting around every corner: a clearing we came across was fun as we tried to hear our echoes over the sea of pine trees... and this little place here - a beautiful lake. 

There is so many more pictures I could share but I couldn't choose! I shall share my experience of the moors next time...

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